"Infinite load more" on search results

The load more option (on click, via button) doesn’t seems to work on a search results template.
Tried with the default inherit query from url and also via a defined query (with passing the key via the url parameter for Search)

Is this a bug or not yet implemented?

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Please, request with me.
I need it and I don’t want to go back to Bricks !!!

Don’t laugh at me, @Marius
Since I got the big order that I mentionned a few days ago, I turn around and don’t know what to do. It is a headhache. Since months, I learnt to workwith Cwicly and it is a pure hapiness. Now, I must go back to the dark side.

@weedor the actual feature already exists and works on normal pages.
In this context I’m referring that it just doesn’t work on the search results pages. (?s=)

But after the reassuring @Louis ’ words, we must be patient.
And I am!

Fixed in

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