Index not displaying as anticipated

Reading Settings.

3 posts:

Posts look like this.

When I look at the site:

I get this:

I’m trying to start from scratch to understand how things work. Based on my Reading settings, I would think the homepage would display the three posts. Where am I wrong?

Hello @jtk,

This might be an interesting quick read: Block-based themes: what happens to Reading Settings? · Issue #20338 · WordPress/gutenberg · GitHub

Basically, those settings don’t really apply in the FSE context (front page template, index template etc…)

Also, I noticed you had two post content blocks on your template, which will make your content appear twice. Is this intended?

This is a fresh install, so I am not sure how I added a second post content block. I’m happy to learn from your link, but as of now, I still have no idea of how to do an archive page in Quicly. If you can point me to any docs or videos on how to do it, I would appreciate it.

Hi @jtk,

This might be a good starting point:

Also, the docs could be useful: