Improvements for Gradient Section

From old feedback: Improvments for Gradient Section | Cwicly

I find the definition of linear gradients already great and helpfully implemented in Cwicly.

But for radial gradients it would still need the definition of an x and y position, so that these can be used a little more sensibly.

If you ever find the time and opportunity, you might consider using some of the features of this gradient tool in a simplfied version:… For me the gradients gain enormously in quality with some settings (s. screenshot).

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The gradient color area needs fundamental improvements indeed.
For basic styling it might be sufficient but when start building some more complex designs, it gets frustrating and limiting pretty quickly.
As mentioned in the initial post, there isn’t even a position indicator - not only inside the radial option.

The best option to build advanced designs could be something like it is handled with the box-shadow property which offers the opportunity to set layers up step by step.
Positions need to be set precisely and in case one position contains 2 rules or there are multiple positions required, the current approach gets fiddly.