Improved overflow property

Currently we have the CSS shorthand of the overflow property available - except for the scroll value (but that’s limited as well because one can’t combine different values).

Not sure if populating the dropdown with more options would make sense, as there are too many common combinations.

I like the simplicity of the current state because it’s sufficient in many (if not most) cases.
A “custom” option inside the dropdown which then reveals an input field could be an idea.

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I agree with more customizable property inputs.

Also check this: Add free text input for box-shadow property

It would be awesome if all “complex” properties (using combinations of values, optional values, etc.) had a toggle to switch to free text input.

Like you said, it would allow to keep things clean and simple for basic use, but it would also provide a way to be totally free and use shortcuts (like x and y values instead of top, right, bottom, left), CSS variables, or who knows?.. maybe dynamic fields {}?

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Thanks for adding some good points here @yankiara.
You are right, maybe a general approach could be implemented to support all applicable properties.