Improved <a> and <button> tag control

Currently, when activating a link on a block (where applicable), additional stuff, like the href attribute, is being added.
That makes sense and is the expected behavior when using the default <a> tag.

However, this makes it impossible to create elements from scratch.

For instance, I can’t create a link with the div or button block and set my own URL within the block attributes options.
Attributes will interfere.
On the other side, I can’t just select the <a> tag, since it’s not available with the Div block, when the link wrapper is not active.

For the button block, the ability to set an <a> or <button> tag should be available, even if the link isn’t set to active state, even though the <button> tag would act the same way in both scenarios.

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Hi @Marius,

Indeed, one was able to apply the <button> tag to a div but not a <a>, which doesn’t make sense.
This has been added in

As for the Button block, we can definitely do the same, and it makes sense. I have to go through a few more checks to make sure that it doesn’t cause any issues on the way.

Thanks for bringing this up.


Thank you for the quick and positive feedback @Louis, as well as for the div related part addition already - I really do appreciate.
I thought to point it out, because it got me stuck for a couple of times already.

Looking forward to the button block implementation, hopefully trouble-free for you :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


Not sure when this got addressed, but thanks for the improvement here @Louis.

It also removes the issue, when a tag was applied to an active link, there wasn’t any direct access to the tag anymore, once the link got disabled - even though the custom tag was still in place and didn’t revert to a div one.

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