Importing image into media library freezes editor


On a pretty heavy page, media library popup systematically FREEZES after importing image from computer.

I noticed never ending requests in browser console:

I don’t even know where to look to anayse this issue…
Any tips?

These are 2 distinct points you bring up.

For the media library popup freezing, could you possibly contact so we can investigate this a bit further?

As for the Cwicly Heartbeat feature, it can be deactivated from the Cwicly Settings → Advanced Settings panel in the WordPress dashboard.
These are not never ending (they have a specific use), and have no/very little impact on performance.

Yes sorry it is because I had not noticed them before, but it is totally independant from the issue :wink:

I’ve seen on the other post that you are using Slim Seo @yankiara.
That might have an impact, in case you have it activated.

Thanks for the tip but I have the same issue when Slim SEO is deactivated.

That said, editor load time decreases from 16s to 6s (all styling included) on this heavy page when Slim deactivated!!!
THANK YOU!!! I’ll have a look at this thread :slight_smile: