Import with classes & images?

I’m in the middle of creating a page design that others can import to their site.

However, it looks like if you export the page or use copy/paste, it doesn’t import any of the custom class names or styling on the second installation.

Is there any way to share designed pages across domains? Or is that something for the future?

Hi @sunny,

You’re right, I think this has been brought up in the past also.
The block classes are renamed on export, but should keep their respective styling. Is the styling applied to the block directly?

We’re going to be reviewing the way classes are managed in Cwicly very soon (won’t break anything) with the removal of defaults. Copying/pasting will be more intuitive and can be shared across different installations without losing custom names that were added. Basically, the class name will be kept if it doesn’t already exist on another block in the installation (as blocks should keep unique classes within Cwicly).

But this will be going through a discussion since the Cwicly class system seems to confuse quite a few people.

The styling is applied to global classes - not the block directly. I guess I’m looking to have those classes automatically import when importing a page.

Hydrogen Pack for Oxygen just made everything a breeze (let me know if you ever want to test it). You could copy sections or full pages, and it would import with the classes and global colours. It would also show the copied images inside the editor, but not actually show them on the front-end since they don’t live on your server.

As for the classes, yeah, I think those could be streamlined. They make sense to me now, but took me a while to wrap my head around when first starting out. And that’s with me coming from Oxygen and having thoroughly tested every other page builder out there :sweat_smile:.

You should try out Bricks v1.5 with the “Add Element ID & class as needed” setting enabled. It’s the cleanest setup I’ve seen so far.

When adding a new element, no generated ID or class gets added. If the element needs base styling, it will automatically apply a class like brxe-heading behind the scenes.

If you style an element without adding a class, then an ID is generated and the styles get added there. If you add a class, then obviously your styles get added to the class.

Bricks has a good UX for editing class styles as well. I feel like Cwicly adds the extra step of jumping in and out of the global style editor.

What Cwicly has that Bricks doesn’t is the Additional Classes field. I like the purpose behind it, but I wonder if there’s a smart way to consolidate it.

Anyways, I definitely have lots of ideas if you ever want to chat about it more!

Hi @Louis,

Could you check if this could now be done since the Cloud Design Library was introduced?


Yeah, you can mark this as done now :slight_smile: