Import/export missing after

Hey again,

After the new & improved UI update, I’ve noticed that some controls have gone missing. Particularly:

  • Export Page
  • Copy & Paste Global Styles
  • Copy, Paste & Replace Global Classes and Stylesheets

Is this intentional? Or have those functions moved somewhere different?


Hello @sunny,

We’ve momentarily removed these features.

You can copy/paste global classes/stylesheets separately as well as global styles items separately.

The global copy/paste as well as the export should be back in a bit.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Hey @Louis, not sure if this is related, but how does one actually import a page?

I haven’t found an option for it.

EDIT: oh, it looks like you drag the file onto your page? Should definitely mention this in the KB :slight_smile:

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Mmm… :see_no_evil: Definitely needed, thanks for bringing this up!