Import Content using Cwicly Tags


When creating content in bulk I create drafts on my local machine, then export to CSV , then Import to WP. I have a process where my content gets compiled using standard Gutenberg tags (please see below example).

<!-- wp:heading -->
<h2>Gutenberg Heading 2</h2>
<!-- /wp:heading -->

The question I have is: how do I follow the same process with Cwicly? How do I draft my content locally using Cwicly tags so that when I import and edit the post, the appropriate blocks are created.

Is it possible to modify the example below, into something I can paste into the Gutenberg Code Editor on any site with Cwicly Installed or insert it into a “content” field ready for import to a Cwicly site?

<!-- wp:cwicly/heading {"content":"Gutenberg Heading 1","uniqueID":"96d15448-6d2c-4ea6-b168-0413c2ca73a8","classID":"heading-cca73a8","id":"heading-c96d154","additionalClassesR":"","linkWrapperActionLighboxRef":"heading-c96d154"} -->
<h1 id="heading-c96d154{idadd}" class="heading-cca73a8">Gutenberg Heading 1</h1>
<!-- /wp:cwicly/heading -->

Would be nice if Cwicly had a MultiMarkdown block?

; - )

Would it / could it be possible for Cwicly to convert HTML or Multimarkdown into Cwicly Blocks ? Either via the Gutenberg Code Editor or some kind of import process.

“Remove lock-in” but inreverse ?