Image Block: Button for source disabled

Since the update to 1.2.8 the button for selecting the image source is disabled.
But I have also updated to WordPress 6.1.1 today, may be there is a coherence(?)

Step-by-step reproduction instructions:

  1. Open the Post Editor/Site Editor
  2. Add an image block and try selecting a source …

Environment info

  • WordPress version: 6.1.1
  • Gutenberg Plugin version: -
  • Cwicly Plugin version: 1.2.8
  • Cwicly Theme version: 1.4

Hi @Jugibur,

Thanks for the report.
Would this be the static/dynamic source group toggle or the static image selector (set image/magnifying glass).

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce this on my side.

Oh sorry, I’m the culprit here … :flushed:
There was no source assignment for an image block at all for me anymore like in the docs and so I tried it on the “link” image button, thougt the source settings were replaced… and this button was greyed out.
Of course the reason was: I’ve played around in the role settings and deactivated the “Block specific properties” in the properties section. Shame on me and sorry for the confusion!

Ah! Happens to all of us :slight_smile:
Thanks for letting me know!