Idiot question. Where can I find the Block ID of a modal?

Hey @Lefteris :v:

Hope that helps:

Found it! You must click the the class field.
Not very intuitive though.

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Yes, thank you for your reply!

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I agree with you, I’ve already seen this question a couple of times since this has been changed.

Adding a small icon next to the label could help. Maybe something similar to this:


But not sure if that makes sense though, as I’m still hoping for some tweak when the ID is toggled on, to have the ID visible somewhere when the class field is displayed.

Hi @Lefteris,

You may be interested in this feature request:

As @Marius says:

Many of us would like to have the ID visible when it is set, feel free to vote on this if you believe it will be beneficial:

I agree that lack of anything in the UI to suggest that the ID is hiding behind the class field threw me off as well when they first implemented it. By a stroke of luck I had a wee temper tantrum and started clicking everywhere and I stumbled over the solution. I would just have display ‘ID Class’ with whatever the present state the class or ID text would be highlighted.