Icon Picker custom SVG

Hey there,

I’m very often in the situation, that I would like to use only one Icon. The ability to create custom Icon-Sets is great, but often I either come back to a site which needs one additional icon, or it is a new site which only needs 2 or 3 custom Icons and therefore I think the process of creating custom Icon-Sets is a bit user unfriendly in those scenarios.

I think (not sure) bricks builder has the ability to choose a custom Icon on it’s icon-picker. Which is in my opinion very useful to quickly add one icon. I’m thinking of an Option beside all the Icon-sets called “Custom SVG” and then a picker from the media library, maybe?

What do you think?


It’s a highly requested feature.

This was also brought up in the latest live stream if you want to check out the current status quo.

Ooooh thanks a lot @Marius . My quick search didn’t bring up any results, probably had the wrong keywords! :wink:

If it were possible to use this ‘custom’ icon in the before pseudo class, that would be optimal.
I use this king of content and it is not friendly:
url(“data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns=‘SVG namespace’ width=‘24’ height=‘24’ viewBox=‘0 -6 24 30’%3E%3Cpath d=‘M16 0c-3.169 0-6 2.113-6 5.003 0 1.025.369 2.032 1.023 2.812.027.916-.512 2.228-.996 3.184 1.301-.235 3.15-.754 3.988-1.268.708.172 1.387.251 2.028.251 3.543 0 5.956-2.418 5.956-4.98.001-2.904-2.85-5.002-5.999-5.002zm-2.5 5.75c-.414 0-.75-.336-.75-.75s.336-.75.75-.75.75.336.75.75-.336.75-.75.75zm2.5 0c-.414 0-.75-.336-.75-.75s.336-.75.75-.75.75.336.75.75-.336.75-.75.75zm2.5 0c-.414 0-.75-.336-.75-.75s.336-.75.75-.75.75.336.75.75-.336.75-.75.75zm-6.5 6.854v5.396h-8v-10h4.766c-.649-1.216-.913-2.564-.674-4h-4.092c-1.105 0-2 .896-2 2v14.678c-.002 2.213 2.503 3.322 6.006 3.322 3.498 0 5.994-1.106 5.994-3.322v-8.725c-.635.257-1.34.476-2 .651zm-4 9.396c-.553 0-1-.448-1-1s.447-1 1-1 1 .448 1 1-.447 1-1 1z’ fill=‘%23F7F7FA’/%3E%3C/svg%3E”);