I would like help with the menu block

I have been trying to use the menu block. I am inserting it into the header, I click the button that says to create a menu and it takes me to the menu editor under appearance. I save the menu but when I load the page its never there. Also the menu block has what seems like a button to select a menu but it does not seem to work, any help would be appreciated.

Hey there @rrbailey89 and welcome to the forum.

Did you try to select your menu from the block inspector?

Thanks @Marius, I see that option now. Is that screen you are showing me what is being called the Primary tab?

That’s correct @rrbailey89.

Inside the Primary Tab, you can find block specific options, as well as design options which are used frequently for the particular block.
You also can see in the image that the Primary Tab is active.

You mentioned that the Select Menu Button wouldn’t work in your case.
Can you confirm it? By clicking it, it should navigate you to the menu block’s area where you are able to select a menu from the dropdown, which should be opened automatically and focused.


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Thanks for the explanation @Marius.

About the select menu button not working that is correct, at least for me. When I click “Select Menu” nothing happens. I have to push the 3 dot menu and select show more options for the Primary Tab to appear.

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Thanks, @Marius.
And thank you @rrbailey89 for specifying that, will get that fixed in the next update so that we check if the inspector is open or not.
Sorry for the inconvenience on this one.

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Thanks,@Louis, for the response. And thanks for such a great tool.