I updated my cwicly plugin and all the changes are gone

I updated my cwicly plugin but all the changes are gone. My 2 week struggle seems to be vanish in just a couple of clicks.

Hello @haroonbro,

I’m very sorry to hear this.
Did you regenerate your HTML? With 1.2.7, we changed the rendering process which means that a regeneration is required.

Could you possibly contact support@cwicly.com so that we can take a look at this?


I’m trying to use Block Recovery and it proves to be working so far. Thank you for such an amazing toolkit for guttenberg. :slight_smile: Love from Pakistan.

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Thanks for the kind words @haroonbro, means a lot :slight_smile:

Indeed, the Block Recovery should work fixing the blocks for a page but is time consuming, so I’m sorry for that.

The HTML Regeneration should do this automatically for you: Settings - Documentation
Did this not help?

was not aware of that, but I will keep this in mind for future. thank you so much for help. Appreciate it.

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