How to retrieve custom fields added to custom taxonomies dynamically from archive page?

Hi all,

I am getting a little stuck and wonder if there is a current solution to my issue or if that would be something to request…

I added custom taxonomies to a custom post type and to these taxonomies, custom fields.
This way I can easily add a bunch of content for a specific category, in introduction to displaying the posts that are part of that category.

There comes the problem:
On an archive template
I have no issue to display the current category name and the category description, both using WP dynamic content, Archive title and Archive description.
Then how can I get the content of the ACF field I added to the taxonomy (which is at the same level that the taxonomy description or so called Archive description)?
I can find the ACF field group and field name I am looking for but then as for its location, nothing seems to work. I was imagining that Current post would work as the Current taxonomy or Current Archive but it gives no result. The only way I found to access the content is going into Location: Taxonomy/Term but then I need to choose which one and loose the dynamic aspect of it.

Do we need a Current Taxonomy (or Current Archive as WP calls it) location, or I am just missing the right way to do it?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts on that matter…