How to properly add templates from cwicly library

This is really a newbe question I know, but If I start from scratch, new web app with cwicly theme and plugin installed, how to properly add a whole template (containing site content, header and footer) like “Sol by cwicly” which could be found in the library, properly without messing everything up (with a lot of errors in the editor)?

I think doing it the wrong way was the reason for my recent troubles

Cwicly Themer
Global Parts and Fragments

Did you already check these?
I think they are very useful and contain everything you need to know how to setup and combine various parts of a page/site.

That helped…but if I insert a template which contains also header and footer parts, one has to import it better to an interim template, and then copying/ distributing the respective parts to header, Footer and e.g. Front Page

Said this, there is currently no option to import whole site templates in one click, right?

That’s correct.
Wouldn’t copy/paste though.
Just insert a full template and delete what’s not needed.
But that’s totally up to you how you proceed.
A one-click solution isn’t available for this, but that’s not required for one-page templates in my opinion.

It is planned to add themes, which then automatically creates everything needed (templates, template parts, fragments, pages, etc).
I think that’s exactly what you are looking for.