How To Print Webpage

Hi there,
I would like to print a page or create a pdf (print to pdf).
This is a brand new topic for me and I am a little overwhelmed.
I was able to create some local html tests but was not able to apply them to Cwicly.

Can anyone give me a hint in the right direction or does Cwicly already have a solution that I’ve missed?

– ChatGPT–
Tested and working

< button id=“printButton”>Print Page </ button>

// Function to print the page
function printPage() {

// Attach the printPage function to the button's click event
var printButton = document.getElementById("printButton");
printButton.addEventListener("click", printPage);
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I think the most straight-forward solution without using custom code, is something like this:

You could also go the custom code route via code block or click interaction, as @kane already pointed out correctly.


Thank you for your solutions @kane and @Marius.
Both solutions worked like a charm.

Previously, I tried setting up the window.print(); command in the interactions section. But I seem to have missed something. Would this also be a possibility?


If I only want to print a specific area, would it be correct to create custom css like this?

@media print {
  body * {
    display: none;
  .div-print-area {
    display: block;

I could only remove all the content or nothing at all :thinking:

As mentioned above, this should also be possible via click interaction → custom function.
Did you make sure to toggle your ID?

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Working now :grimacing:
Didn’t make that error for the first time :face_exhaling:
Thank you a lot @Marius was doubting my sanity again :sweat_smile:

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