How to make a full-screen picture 'slide-show'


I have a particular request and I thought to post it here just in case someone knows:

I want to create a page where you can ‘swipe through’ like s slideshow. So unlike a gradual scroll down, with every scroll I want the whole page to switch screens to the next screen, similar to how you’d go through a Powerpoint slideshow. Does this make sense?

I am doing this for a photographer and want to show the pictures for their projects as largely as possible, but still with the ability to go through it using scroll function.

I think the Cwicly platform is actually powerful enough to pull off something like the above.

Any and all feedback or thoughts are very welcome.

You should be able to do this using the Cwicly Slider block and Cwicly Slides.
You should be able to size everything the way you want.
You can play in the Design/size options of the Slider element to fit your need.
Add as many Cwicly slides as you need.
Place your Cwicly images in the Cwicly slides and play with the Image size and object fit options to best fit your needs.
You can find basic documentation and a video here which should be a good start to understand how it works.