How to? Filter Taxonomy showing only parents then subfilter only the children of the selected parent


Here is what I have:

Posts / Post Type / Artworks (CPT)
Taxonomy Query / Taxonomy Series (Hierarchical CT) / Terms WP / URL / Key: series.
I then have a Filter that shows me the various CT Series Terms and allows me to filter by CT Series.
That works great!

Here is what I would like to achieve:

I would like to have a main Filter, showing only the Parent terms in the CT Series
and under it, a subfilter with only the Children of the Selected Parent.

The Childless toggle in the Taxonomy filter offers the opposite of what I am looking for.
I am trying to understand what the filter / taxonomy / parent does, but besides returning no value in the backend and not changing in the front, I don’t quite understand how to use it. When I search just on WP doc, I can’t find anything either.

I am not sure either if I would be able to connect 2 filters dynamically…
So this might be posted in request maybe more than in General, unless, I am just wrong and one of you has the answer (which would be the best of course ;))

Thank you in advance!


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