How to best manually update the Cwicly plugin?

Hi there. Could somebody tell me (or point me to where it is mentioned in the docs, cannot find) what the recommended procedure for updating the Cwicly plugin is, in case it has not been updated automatically?

I would guess:

  1. Manually delete plugin in the file system
  2. Replace with new version
  3. Update HTML and CSS

Would that be correct?

Thank you!

Hi, Victor. Belated response here, but I noticed no one else had replied yet.

The easiest way to update the Cwicly plugin is to go to your Plugins page in the WordPress dashboard, select it, and click to update it. It will then update to the latest version.

The second easiest way is to download the latest version of the plugin from your Cwicly dashboard when logged in. Then go to the Plugins page in the WordPress dashboard, click to Add New, and select your file to upload. When you upload it, WordPress will detect that you already have this plugin installed and it will ask if you want to update it. Select yes, and you’re done.

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