How to add FAQ schema in Cwicly Accordion block?

Dear admin

How to add FAQ schema to Accordion block of Cwicly?. This will help improve SEO

Here is an example:

Thank you !


I have not tested Cwicly accordion yet. Not sure if it add the necessary schema. I think you will be able to add them manually via custom attributes.

Such are the attributes to add. It will be good if Cwicly comes with it by default if not there.

Hi, maybe you are looking for the Tab Block?
The tabs can be aligned horizontal and vertical.

Edit: Oh never mind, you mean for search engines.

Dear Dranzer

I think the Cwicly team should soon add the ability to add Schema markup to accordion,tab block like other blocks: kadence, stackable, the plus add on… this makes working with blocks easier

Adding Schema manually can be more difficult for many customers than having the option to add a schema built into Cwicly block

Thank you !

Sure. If it’s not there then it should be added. I’ll check when I test these elements.

Hi there @NHViet,

While we can certainly provide this, I’m not sure it would be the best solution.
Most users install an SEO plugin that has dedicated options for generating FAQ etc schemas… which in the end give you a lot more flexibility than the schema generated by the builder plugin itself.

I’m happy to look at the pros and cons, but I currently see too many cons to see a valuable addition here.

@NHViet I think for now you put the data into ACF repeater. Get the data into accordion block via repeater block/dynamic function. Then put the microdata as attributes. So you only need to add the attributes once instead of multiple times. There are 3 ways to add schema. I suggesting using microdata as that will be the easiest.

Dear Dranzer

I decided to use Schema plugin to simplify FAQ creation. Like Louis said, it’s probably better to use a plugin dedicated to Schema than to expect a Cwicly block

Thank you !

Old post, but I want to hear which plugin you end up using?