How to add a search-form filter with text input in filter block?

How to add a search filter as form field with text input in filter block ? Where is the documentation for this ?

This does not help me: Filter Editor - Documentation (

What to put in target for example - I got the category filter-youtube-setup working great - but I have no instructions for adding a search field that searches the post title, custom fields and post content - and what else I want …

Hi @JacobDK,

Apologies for the lack of documentation on how to add a search filter.
We have taken note and will make sure to provide more detailed information as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here is a short video that should help you through the process, specifically at this timestamp.

Please let me know if this helps!



It worked.

Thank you very much. Getting very impressed after each update with cwicly. The Font Manager is so useful - very impressed. The new Nav menu looks really useful too. When you are doing it, you are doing it right. I think, I understand cwicly better now. Makes me want to learn stuff in steaad of using it. But … documentation is a place to improve.

Still waiting for a standard template to learn from though :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I would just recommend using _search as the key instead of search, otherwise you’ll get an empty page when refreshing.

Why ? What is the reason behind that ? And how do I select what the input-text-string searches in ? As it is now is everything in the query ? All fields ? All taxonomies and post types ?

I believe WordPress already has “search” and “s” reserved.

And for your other question, it’ll search whatever you have set as your query.

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What search-index if any is being searched ? Normal wp search is pretty useless. So, when I am typing in a word from the post content and those posts, what search-index is actually being searched ?

For more than 100-1000 posts would I then need Algolia or something like that?

If required for larger numbers of records I would love for cwicly to integrate with algolia or something else. Search and discovery is critical.

This feature use for what?
Post, page or Product ?

This is what I need. Thank You

is it possible to have a broad query, like all categories and search only the title + tags f.e.? If yes, what would be the (query) setting for that?

If I want to alter the search in the query settings, there are no tags or post titles available…