How much are you invested into Cwicly?

Hi all,

My question to you, as the title says, it’s how much are you invested/involved/dedicated into Cwicly with building websites, for you and/or for your customers?
Did you had issues recently, in between major Cwicly updates, that were making you go back and forth to find solutions for previous builds?
I find it (from the forum topics) that is maturing at a very high speed pace but wanted to know if you are still on the fence or you took the plunge.

Thank you.

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For me is Cwicly only alternative with Webflow. As is integrated directly with Gutenberg. No other loading of builders. So I am step by step moving all the sites to Cwicly. Hope it will be good decision :slight_smile:

The speed performance is incredible! Overall the experience is great once you find out the flow which works for you best.

Once I have several times updated my sites I have no big issue yet. :slight_smile:


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Thanks @petrbilek for your input.
I also keep a very close eye on the builder and try in sandbox environment new features and additions @Louis is bringing but haven’t found the courage to actually use Cwicly on a live, production website. It’s mainly due to it’s relatively new and different approach compared to all these other WordPress builders and also that it’s still growing and changing a lot.
Not that any of these above are bad or anything, on the contrary, but still… I can’t shake this feeling off :slight_smile:
Maybe I’m just overthinking it :slight_smile:

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I’ve used it on one client site and my personal portfolio and nothing has ever broken for me on those sites. That’s not to say they can’t or won’t, but they haven’t yet. But the fact is, anytime you’re relying on anything, there’s a chance something can go wrong. I’ve had sites break in the past just from updating WP, so WP itself can change things. In any case, I’ve had pretty good luck so far and most of the issues I’ve found and reported were things I found just playing around on my test sites.

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