How Cwicly can save you a lot of money?


This is a comparison to show you how much is the cost to own Cwicly & Bricks. How you can save a lot of money with Cwicly!


Core Builder: Annually: 49 EUR for 3 Sites, 99 EUR for 10 Sites & 199 EUR for 1000 sites.
Filters: Included. No extra cost. It’s very powerful as fast as the top solutions out there.
Design Library: Included. No extra cost. Decent templates included and new gets added every day.
CSS Framework: Powerful class manager with ability to import classes, styles, etc. You can have all classes of bootstrap, tailwind and other frameworks imported without any trouble.
Role Management: Included. No extra cost.
Additional Functionality: You can use any Gutenberg block with Cwicly. No need to spend money on a builder specific addon.


Core Builder: Lifetime: 99 USD for 1 Site & 249 USD for Unlimited Sites.
Filters: You need to buy FacetWP/GridBuilder costing 50-250 USD per year.
Design Library: You need to buy Frames/BricksMaven and various other such template packs. Designs are very standard and you can be spending minimum of 200 USD per year on the templates for Bricks.
CSS Framework: You need to spend on ACSS or addons like Bricksforge which allow you to import into global classes. It costs 100 USD at minimum.
Role Management: Basic is included. You need to spend on Bricksforge to have the ability to allow specific blocks to show/hide. Even after spending money you can control each aspect of style properties like you can do in Cwicly.
Additional Functionality: You will have to spend money on Bricks specific addons else you will run into compatibility issues with Bricks builder time to time. 100USD-300 USD.

It can easily run into 1000 USD with Bricks what you can get with 199 USD with Cwicly. You also avoid addons breaking on updates, compatibility issues and security risks with multiple addons. Cwicly sticking to Gutenberg API also allows to give you a better bug free experience than a page builder. Cwicly also have a shadow team in form of Gutenberg team always working round the clock to improve the experience.


Unfortunately, this post contains major blatantly false information about Bricks. Cwicly is a fine product, there is no need to invent a false comparison.

Hi @Nora. I am a Bricks user like you and also heavily invested into it with multiple addons. If you feel anything is false in this comparison then you can point it out.

To be honest, I find this misleading as well.
In the long run, it’s Bricks which saves you a lot of money.
Your other points make sense and seem to be valid.

I want to add that one doesn’t need to be a scientist to see that Cwicly’s pricing tag does not reflect its actual value at all.
It’s fine for now until they are fully established and evolved a bit more.

I see. I have generally observed 5 years as life time of a product in WP ecosystem. I bought Oxygen Builder in 2016. I think it was launched then only but not sure. I can still continue using it is as it’s alive but it’s not able to keep up nor I see it’s going for rewrite to solve the legacy issues. Now the focus is on Breakdance.

Bricks might flourish even after 5 years but no body can guarantee that it won’t be stagnant like Oxygen.

In my case I have dropped FacetWP subscription after getting Cwicly which is saving of 200 USD per year for me. FacetWP will run on existing sites but I’ll receive no further updates. Surprisingly Cwicly filters performance is slightly better than FacetWP which I was not expecting considering FacetWP have spent years on fine tuning the performance. I have tested upto 10K items.

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I think I am able to follow your points accurately.
But it always depends individually.
Not everyone needs everything.
Maybe it’s just the unfortunate wording in the title.
Can save instead of saves would’ve been a better fit in my opinion, since it’s not a fact.