"Horizontal Share Reveal Icon by Cwicly" from the library - necessary adjustments after modifications

Spent some time on that now, but:

adding another icon (by duplicating one of the existing ones) is working in that manner, that when revealed, one can click on them, but they are “unvisible”, thus they are not earning the colors from the main share button. It seems to be all well configured, but at front-end a class “apparition” is missing for the added ones (despite it is set within the relative styles)

Are there any explanations on this?

apologies, solved, my fault, have to reset/ update the target settings within the interaction settings of the share button:

This experience leads me to another question: Is there any way to make this share feature to be insertable into any page without the need to adjust it every time? Use case: share from different pages is different, as a specific page/ post is to be shared

update: It could be done via fragments, and then just put the fragments to the pages you want the share button to show