Heading default font-weight

Is there any way to remove the default font weights for H1–H6? In an older install, these were empty by default, but now seem to have default values. Any value I select overrides the values I have in my global stylesheets. I’m talking about how it’s displayed in the editor, not the frontend.

Actually, it seems to affect the backend and frontend. I don’t like using !important in any of my CSS, so it’s easier when I try to avoid any specificity by allowing the cascade to do all the work. In this case, it looks like the values set in the builder are being applied after the global stylesheet, which makes sense, but since I can’t set a blank value, it’s overriding things.

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I was able to edit the MySQL database to remove those values from the JSON, so it’s all good now, but I feel like all of those settings should have zero styling by default shouldn’t they?

Hi @msguerra74,

You are right that there should be a way to remove this value with the same reset function available on other properties.

Will be available in the next updates.


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Yes please, it’s overriding my own custom stylesheet :sob:

I would add that a text input to directly enter the value or a CSS variable would be nice as well.

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