Header with setting "scroll down - slide up" - how to avoid appearing again at end of page?

with that setting the header disappears when scrolling down as expected. When end of page is reached, it appears again. Is there any way to avoid that?

For me it is only in Safari. In Chrome the header does not appear again. I assumed it is because Safari has this “bounce” where you scroll a bit more down than the length of your page resulting in Safari scrolling back to the top (so the actual end of the page).

Whether this is the reason or not in Safari the class .cc-scrolld-down get’s removed from the header while chrome keeps this class.

Did you try the offset?

thinks for telling me, I added some tolerance for up, and more off-set for top, and some for bottom, it is working smoothly on all chrome, edge and even safari (on imac and for ios safari on iPad) is working fine