Header and Footer for a template

I am designing a template for a CPT(Product) now. May I know how to show the header and footer? I can’t find it.

You need to add or assign them to the template. For example, via template parts or fragments.

How did you setup your header and footer on your main template, your homepage, etc.?
If you built your header and footer elsewhere or without the idea to reuse them in other areas of your website, you can simply transform them into template parts and insert them wherever you want.

Hey @Marius

I think I get what you mean.
So we must manually add the header and footer to the template. It is not using conditions like Bricks and other builders.

@jornes Yes you can also use conditions, just design the template part and at the cwicly themer under header specify where you want to use which template part

Thanks, @Wolfgang

I clicked on Themer, but I still don’t get how to assign the template parts to a template with conditions. I’m trying to dig further.

On the template for the header you want to use there are icons in the top right corner if you access the templates via the themer-interface in Cwicly. There you click on the Visibility-settings.

Template-specific way: If you want to set conditions for the template you created for the shop pages just use thee visibility-settings on the template.

Global header: If you want a global header, you can make that as well in themer. Themer → Fragments - and there set the global header.

Hi @JacobDK

Thanks for the explanation! I’m trying to digest.
Anyway, a screenshot will be helpful. :smiley:

Here is a very quick demonstration of the Visibility Conditions:

Show the header for all posts/pages:

Show the header for all pages (only pages):

Show the header just for the home page:

You can see how flexible the Cwicly Visibility Conditions are.

You can specify multiple inclusion and exclusion rules.

This also allows you to have multiple different headers/footers/banners/promos/etc and assign them to different pages/posts/areas of the site. The possibilities are endless.

Thanks for the clarification @StrangeTech , haven’t had time to do it yet! :wink:

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Not necessarily, but you are free to do so.
Check @StrangeTech’s answer above to follow the process accordingly.

You can recreate this functionality (for example Brick’s page settings to control header visibility inside the editor itself per page basis) by using ACF. You can even place this option then directly in the page/post options’ sidebar.

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Hey @StrangeTech
Thank you very much for the screenshot provided! I was not familiar with such settings at first. Now, I think I can start playing with the setting and return to ask if I encounter anything.

@Wolfgang It’s okay! Thanks anyway!

@Marius Thanks! I was trying to understand the settings better. Yes! @StrangeTech’s answer is helpful, especially those screenshots. I have a clearer picture of how I can dive further. Anyway, thank you for your useful answer too.