Having trouble with the latest filter block

Hi guys, fist time post in in the general.

Has anyone got the new filter block to work? So I’m trying to filter by a custom taxonomy that I created for our blog posts in index template. Now I’m able to see the filters and all the options, but when I click on them nothing happens. I wonder what I did wrong?

So I have figured it out by watching Louis’ latest stream, which now I set the target to the one I wish to name, and then change the Query Post type source to be dynamic and URL Parameter (I think this is wrong). Now the filters are clickable, but the post isn’t filtering the proper content by my selection…

Not sure why, as I’m thinking maybe I should set the dynamic URL parameter on other places besides the post types? In the live stream from Louis, he was only showing setting up the filter with WooCommerce Product, so how do we setup the filter properly with just the standard WordPress Post?

Any tips? Thanks!

Figured it out! So I have to add a Taxonomy Query, and then setup the Taxonomy that I want to filter in, use dynamic URL Parameter in the “TERMS” filed, and then in the "FIELD field, set to slug.

Still want to point out that the Taxonomy Query is a bit buggy, when you do some settings and when you remove them, it actually wasn’t removed at all. In this case I’m just re-adding another Query block and move Query Template into it and remove the old one.

It would be helpful if you could explain the filter block in CPT from scratch.
A video would be preferred if possible.
I have not been able to implement it so far.

If the data source is static, it is also not displayed on the front end.
Perhaps my configuration is wrong.

I also didn’t find how to filtering simple posts based on different categories…. Something is really confusing…. On Bricks even if the filters option is limitated the way to apply a simple filter as this one is basic and fast.
Hooping to see soon a tutorial on deep about filters block. Thanks Luis and you all for your amaizing works :slight_smile:

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