Grid not working?

Hi All,

i am so sorry…but seems the grid editor is buggy? shouldnt this not be both (green and red) fullwidth on each row?

Hi @Timo,

Please see my other reply:

I highly recommend using the Grid Layout rather than the Columns block, if possible for your use case, as it will likely solve all of the issues you have raised.

ok i will try the grid-builder then and come back. but for the slider issues we really must solve them to stable otherwise.

ok a fast test provides - thank God - a more stable way…at least the slider is now possible to use with 100% so scaling properly on different mobile devices very good and the rest seems much better! so i throw away that columns-grid-editor stuff ok…i didnt like them and you say the display-grid-approach is the one more maintained in the near future right?

ok one more thing: we neeed some different settings of the grid (down to bottom) much earlier in breaktpoints then the standard tablet-width…how can we change this brekatpoint to kikk in earlier for each grid we setup? is that possible? if we use for example a big slider then i makes sense to break this from top to bottom instead horiztoonally into two columns on one row…much much “earlier” lsets say at 1000px for example and not 850px in width…we want to control this individually if needed…

Hi @Timo,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Could you possibly try dragging one of the columns and see if that helps?
Perhaps the layout hasn’t been properly registered.

This isn’t currently possible, as it would require custom breakpoints.

Although this should be available soon :shushing_face:

:stopwatch: :trophy:

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