Grid Editor Remains very fidgety and hard to handle

Ever since I started using Cwicly I’ve found the grid editor very hard to use. Columns will quickly fly away to different lines making me have to carefully drag them back. If I’m lucky it will go in one turn, otherwise it will once again fly to the wrong spot. Any others having difficulties with this?

Usually I prefer using auto grid but I can’t now because I need to create ‘reverse wrap’ on mobile and I don’t think it works with auto grid

I can agree to this. It’s very tricky to work with. For example if you have 6 boxes (display as a 2 row and 3 columns but with different sizes) trying to position them all is frustrating :). (the last one is the hardest, in 80% of the cases it messes the whole layout and you have to restart)

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Latest example! I cannot be the only one having trouble with this

I guess it depends if you’re already using the Columns element or not, but I’d recommend using the new grid editor.

I believe right now it’s available for every element except Columns - which still has the old one.

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