Grid display

Here is a strange repartition of cards (grid).

Is it something to do to fix that?

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Did you set any visibility conditions?

Yes via shortcode: expired-date, is-published

Hi @weedor,

I think @Marius hit the spot here somehow because there seems to be no markup generated on the frontend, so definitely something linked to visibility conditions.

If it is a date condition, you might have to put that in the query as we don’t currently have a way of removing the “space” for that element, although this is quite an interesting feature we could introduce.

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Unfortunelly, the filters are:

  • no display is the post does not have status “publish”
  • no display if an ACF field date is < today
    Such filters are not available in the query filters and this is the raison why I wrote some code to use via shortcode.

The real question is:
Time passing by, a lot of posts will be obsolete and will not have to be displayed anymore.
1, 2 3, 100
will I have 100 empty places?
I can’t test because the setting of the ACF date is automatic, but I need to know more!

Hi @weedor,

You can set the desired status for the Query through the status tab.

As for the date query, couldn’t you pass this specific in a meta query?

oups! je suis un peu (bcp) largué!
Je ne sais pas ce que sont l’onglet d’état et les meta requête.

If you wish, we can postpone this topic for later.
It is late, and I don’t want to keep your time.

Thanks @weedor. Will be back to this a bit later :wink:

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Thank’s for this day.

It is not really urgent.
I checked and the only solution I found (hum! that I have the knowledge to set) is to delete the obsolete posts.
If you don’t have any “soft” solution at the moment, I can delete the first products…

Please, @Louis , don’t skip this topic.

I fixed the issue with the “visible” option of product.
I am still convinced that the status (publish, draft, etc.) of post and the private option of posts must be introduced in filter parameters.

Testing the filter feature, I saw that in the Grid Builder, with Posts in Status it is possible to filter publish, draft, etc.
Why this option is remove when the CPT is Products?