Gradient/Image Heading Background

From old feedback: Gradient/Image Heading Background | Cwicly

An option, like a checkbox for example, to apply the background of a heading to the text itself.

This would offer the ability to set gradient or image backgrounds to the heading with only one click.

To make it more clear for users, this option could only show, if the gradient or image BG option is applied.


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So, as we now have access to certain parts inside a RichText element through spans, it would be great to get the possibility to achieve gradient text now.

Right now, the global classes doesn’t support custom CSS, background options neither the background-clip property nor a dedicated option (e.g. like on the image).


A keen eye @Marius!

By the way, I notice you mentioned the impossibility to have custom css for a global class. Would this be something you’d use if available compared to just adding it to a global stylesheet?

Interesting question @Louis.
Not sure where I mentioned it but pretty sure I read it elsewhere as a feature suggestion.
Edit: Of course I also mentioned it in this thread. :joy:

In general, I do not use global stylesheets at all so I might be the wrong person here.
I still rely on 3rd party solutions (currently WPCodeBox) but this might change in the future.

As soon as the Code Block is available in Cwicly, the Stylesheet Editor will be improved (in its current state it’s unusable for me), and SCSS (couldn’t trust my eyes when I read about it) really becomes a thing in Cwicly, I might also drop this plugin for an All-Cwicly approach and Global Stylesheets could indeed become the new way I manage my stuff.

I think I’d still prefer a global class in case custom CSS would become an option in the global class style editor but that’s just speculation. Until there’s a better solution I’ll stick with the block options’ custom CSS or use my 3rd party solution, that depends on the use case.

So does this mean that this particular design isn’t natively achievable with Cwicly’s block options (and isn’t planned)?
Just curious because this is exactly what I would expect when seeing this video.