Google Fonts not displayed on frontend

I defined a global block typography with Google Fonts “Orbitron”, assigned it to a heading, and it does fallback to system fonts (or something else):

Hi @FZwo,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with global block typography font families.
This does seem unusual as I’m currently unable to reproduce this on my side.

Is this on both the backend and frontend?

Can you possibly check:

  • If this is happening on other global block typographies
  • If there are any errors in the browser console


Opening that page today, all seems to be fine (for what reason ever). I did a test with another Block Typo, and it seems that there is at least one issue: After changing a global block typo font family, it takes some time for the editor to render the new one (some refreshs later). But one has to save the edited page (after the changed font finally appears), otherwise the change is not rendered at frontend

Hi @FZwo,

This sounds more like a connection issue with Google Fonts (“takes some time”) than Cwicly. Could you possibly try switching between local fonts and see if the issue persists?
You definitely shouldn’t have to refresh the page to see the font applied.

I am not able to replicate that issue anymore, so let this close by now