Global Styles in mobile view dont work

hi community,
this works fine - global styles for ie H1 - in desktop view…but if i switch to mobile viewport…and add anything here…nothing happens…bug or feature? :slight_smile:

thjanx so much

The first thing I recommend doing is to inspect the heading in the browser developer tools to see which styles are being applied and from where.

It is possible something else in your site is overriding the styles.

Some possible causes are:

  1. Other plugins
  2. Other external or global stylesheets
  3. Theme styles (if you are not using the Cwicly Theme)

hi ST this diverse problems are mostly caused because the old pre-designs in the cloud library dont fully work with the concepts of the actual state of cwicly…thus we decided not to use any pre-designed stuff to avoid such pitfalls and problems…i hope we can move on a bit faster now. thx so much

can i edit this post to change its screenshots…its aproject which is in development…i can add something mor geneeric…


The current Library elements have hard-coded styles that will override global styles as expected.
If you are experiencing trouble with global styles not applying to blocks that don’t have styles applied to them, please let me know.

A complete refactor and new elements is planned with the release of the Tailwind integration.

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ok thx but i was asking for this forum content :slight_smile: