Global Styles error

Hi @Louis,

With, while editing a page, going into Cwicly global styles, Elements tab, and then if I select any category from “Links” to the right it gives me an error and I need to reload the editor. “The editor has encountered an unexpected error”. Attempt recovery, copy post text and copy error buttons are available. Below is the error for links.
Can you reproduce this on your end or is it on my side only?

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘links’)
at X1 (
at ct (
at os (
at Ur (
at Ir (
at Dr (
at Pr (
at unstable_runWithPriority (
at xn (

Thank you.

Getting this as well.

Hello @beleancristian and @sunny,

Thanks for the report!
Sorry for the inconvenience. We will have a fix for this very soon.


Hi there,

This should be fixed in

Thanks for the report @beleancristian.

Hi @Louis.
Sorry to say but I have updated to and the issue is still there on my end. Also, it keeps prompting to update the plugin to
Thank you for working so hard to push updates and new features.

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Hi @beleancristian,

Sorry to hear that.
Have you tried clearing your cache?

Hi @Louis,

Apologies for being stupid. It works after clearing cache.

Thank you.

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