Global Parts Visibility Conditions missing for Author Archive


the Author Archives are missing in the Visibility Conditions for global Parts. Any chance this can be added?

Hello @Jonas,

Are you not able to access this specific option?


Hi @Louis,

I did try this option but it seems to me that it did not target the author archive but rather posts that have an author?
Because with my footer for example – that what I just tried – when I say Show if > Author > All it will be shown on all posts and pages and not just the author archive. Also I thought that makes sense because I would expect the Author Archive here: Show if > Archive > Author > All

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Hi @Louis,

can we move this to feature requests?


Is this similar to what you were referring to?

If so, it will be a useful addition and we would also request this.

Hi @StrangeTech,

yep, that’s what I was referring to. At first I was confused because I thought your screenshot shows the currently available options for the “Archives”^^. So yes, this is exactly what is missing.

Feature request added: Add Author Archives to the Visibility Conditions for global Parts

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Voted! Thanks for creating the feature request!