Global Cwicly Settings Responsiveness

Hi. Is there a way to make global cwicly settings of section defaults padding responsive? Right now, the value doesn’t change if select desktop, tablet or mobile. There is no way to change it depending on screen size. If i set the value of the padding to 5rem on desktop and change it to 2rem on mobile, it will reflect it same again on desktop with 2rem.


Probably want to look at how tailwind, bootstrap and ACSS handle spacing/padding. If I’m not mistaken, it’s a clamp function with rems based on port height/width.

Yes, I think that in most situations it is the best thing to do to:

  • solve the non-responsive settings in your software
  • (and more importantly) avoid brutal layout changes at breakpoints, which lead to tweak other paddings, margins, font sizes, etc.

Using fluid spaces and fonts saves a lot of work and headache :wink: