Global classes changes not picked up by the editor to be saved

I have set up a couple of global classes and when I’m editing them, the changes are not picked up by the editor and Update option is not available on the page. I have to modify something else, outside of a global class to be able to save the changes. Changes are reflected inside the editor.

Wordpress 6.0.1
Cwicly and

Hi @beleancristian,

If I understand you are seeing the changes directly reflected inside the editor but the Save/Update button isn’t activated until you make a change in the post/template?

There is a Save icon (floppy disk icon) available in the Global Class/Stylesheets panel which should allow you to save the changes without having to wait for the Gutenberg Save/Update button to light up.

Hi @Louis ,

Thank you. It makes sense now, as global classes are not part of the page or post directly.
Maybe a save button on the actual class being edited (and not outside on the root of the global classes interface) or a keyboard shortcut can be implemented? I personally am obsessed in saving every time I make a change.
Thank you again.

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Now you mention it, I have had the need to perform a save action on the global class editor directly so definitely something to add there :+1:

Thanks for bringing it up

Hi @beleancristian,

Just to say that in the save option is now kept throught the Global Classes & Stylesheets edition

Thanks for bringing this up.

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