Global Class Checker

We always create classes when designing our website. Then, there would have too many classes created and used on some elements during the progress. So, we can’t recall if there are any classes in used or not used at all.

Having the checker to check whether the classes are in use is excellent. So we can easily remove the ones we’re not using on the site with peace.

What do you think?


This would definitely be helpful!


Nice idea Jornes! I think this will work great with Cwicly since Global Classes & Global Stylesheets are two different entities. Global stylesheet can have frameworks with lot of classes (many unused ofcourse) and you can use this feature on global classes to remove unused styles.


Thanks! Indeed. This feature can do a lot. I hope that we can also bulk delete the unused classes at once.

Hi @jornes,

Thanks for the suggestion!
This is definitely planned, as well as separating global classes into separate stylesheets if the user prefers for better performance (folders play a role here).

You’ll be able to know which blocks on the page are using the global class, how many blocks on the website are using the global class as well as where you can find them in use.


Hey @Louis

That’s great and nice to know. Thank you!