Fonts downloaded with Font Manger won't apply on mobile

Hi there everyone :kissing_heart: I have noticed that fonts downloaded with the Font Manger won’t display correctly. I use Barlow Condensed and it defaults back to something that looks like Time New Roman on my iPhone. Don’t know if it’s because i’m not live yet but on my local install or this is a bug.

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  • WordPress version: 6.1.1
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  • Cwicly Theme version: 1.0.3

Hello @chaudes,

Thanks for the report.

I’ve just set up a quick test on the Cwicly sandbox and can’t reproduce it here: Hello world! – cwiclydemo

Could you let me know if it happens on this test site on your side? If so, more characteristics of the iPhone you’re using might help.
No issues here on iPhone/Android or desktop devices.


Hi Louis :kissing_closed_eyes:

Yes it’s working on my end with the link you provided. I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Could it be the local app I’m using to create the site? It’s not on a live server yet. The fonts don’t render unless I’m using Google fonts or the custom fonts that are uploaded manually in the Cwicly settings. So don’t know what’s happening here.

Hello @chaudes,

Sorry for not getting back sooner.

I’m not quite sure what could explain the specific issue you’re experiencing.
How are you accessing this local version through your iPhone?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Louis :slight_smile:

Well the local app has a link that can be enabled and it creates a temporary login with a temporary domain that can be accessed through any device or browser. But I can see that the problem is also inside of the Cwicly interface. The font family won’t render correctly in the fonts preview window, where all the heading, body and link sizes and families are set.

I could only get this to work by manually uploading the fonts inside Cwicly settings panel for custom fonts. Cause doing it with the font manager didn’t work for me.

Also the heading, body and link sizes in the preview window are still extremely big when I use the rem values. I have a font size of 65px or 6.5rem on my H1 when using a conversion rule in my global stylesheet that sets 10px to equal 1rem. And it previews the actual size. Making all the other h tags to go outside the preview box cause they are so big. Maybe it would be good to not display them as actual size but at bit smaller just for preview purposes :relaxed: