Filters frontend not updating

Is this a bug or standard behaviour?

Have a CPT with two custom taxonomies and setup two tax-filters.
The filtering-part at the page is all working, but as soon as I add or a change a post, the filters at the front end are not ‘updated’. When I adjust a setting of the filter and save the page, then the post-changes or post-additions are updated.

Installed search & filter, just for “debugging” purposes. When I add or change a post the filters are updated directly at the front-end.

A new post or changes in a existing post do show at the front-end except the filters, so this something related to the frontend-rendering in regards to the filters? seems like an cache issue, but working local without any plugin, except Cwicly.


Hi @dennis77,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Indeed, the filters do have caching to ensure their efficiency.
We are planning to improve this for a smoother experience.

In the meantime, you can purge the caching using a transient manager plugin.
Be sure to search for cc-terms and delete all the terms that come up.

Please let me know if this helps on your end.

Hello @Araminta,

Thank you for the info!