Filtering by Author Name

Hi all,

Is that possible to filter by author name using query block and filter block (custom - user input)?

I tried to use the author section in query block, with setting below, it works well but you only able to search with typing to “full name” of the author.

However, i think filtering should be having something using “LIKE” compare. so i tried to do it in meta query. But its not working.

The key will be missing. and no result can be found anymore.

Can anyone please help…!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


not sure if its a bug, just want to follow up and see if anyone got a alternative solution for this.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Any suggestion for this?


Hi @business.circledeer,

Terribly sorry for our lack of reactivity on this.

So that we can properly help you out on this, could you send this on to

Thank you in advanced.

Hi @business.circledeer, were you able to create a filter for authors?