Filter block: need a "show all" and "current "option , toggle suggest

just a kindly thought for reference,
about filter block:
maybe it’s better to have a " with all " or “without all” toggle" option,
for now, people need set a “show all” as all other taxonomy parent to achieve ,
but tags(wordpress core), did not have hierarchy relation, so i would suggest to have a “show all” option like other plugins normally have.

show all means: include all the items which taxonomy listed out.

normally used like this way,

PLUS, also need a current option which should be have as normal


just want to kindly check topic again,

is the filter block can have this "show all " function now? i checked around ,seem did improve it yet,

i thinks this is very useful function need to be add.

for example , people need to filter by category,

for now, if i want to have a “show all”, i need to add “show all” category as root parent(all the other category are it’s child)

but this will make all the category address slug very long like this,*all_services*/yyyyy/

if we can have this “show all” filter block native function, the slug will be like this ,

so i am kindly suggest to have this again.


for current filter option tab,
this can be fix by relative style. this can be done very well.
here just remind others, if someone also have question on it .