Feedback based on the 2 sites running

Hello, Cwicly team and Cwicly friends,
I have decided to write down a few tips after using Cwicly on 2 live sites over half a year.

First of all, let me tell you Cwicly is something special for WordPress and your updates improving and shipping products so fast forward. This is also the reason why I have put the Cwicly to my stack.

Now let’s get to feedback what I would love to see improved in the future:

  • The speed performance hope will be improved. It seems to be a laggy time-to-time once I am trying to drag-n-drop elements from the blocks bar or on the Canvas.
  • Adding an object to div - Not sure, if I am doing something wrong but it happens sometimes I select a div and want to place the element inside that div. But the element is placed below the div. Seems to be a weird behavior.
  • I hope you will find out some sort of videos in the future or a more robust library to allow users to just drag-n-drop elements with pre-defined functions such as social shares, comments, filters for categories, tags, etc.
  • Ability to pin “Blocks” sidebar. - This will be definitely helpful to me as I am using
    k screens and there is always space. It will save me some clicks.

Those are a few notes from using a Cwicly over a half year. Right now I hope the most about the speed improvements which is the most crucial one in my thoughts.

Again, you are doing an incredible job, and looking forward to 2023.

Maybe the Quick Inserter is something you’d appreciate?
You can choose any available Block, even the default and 3rd party ones, if registered properly.

Also, the Smart Inserter could improve your workflow as well.


Thank you for this. Will try it.