Export Import of Templates, Parts & Fragments


Is there a way to export the templates, parts, and fragments from one website locally or in the cloud library and import them back to another website?

This will speed up the workflow.

As of yet, there is no such dedicated feature in Cwicly.
But it’s planned for the design library.

It doesn’t show in the roadmap. Is there a place where we can see it is planned? Looking through the Feature Requests category I didn’t see anything like this with the “Planned” tag, though I could have missed it.

@David sure, you actually asked that already and got it answered:

Thanks. It would be useful to have this tagged as an accepted feature so people can upvote and follow. Is that something I can do or do I need to ask someone on the Cwicly team. BTW, are you a member of the Cwicly team?

You could turn the thread into a feature request (in case you see the pencil icon right next to the title), but it wouldn’t make sense imo, as it’s too unspecific.

It’s planned anyway, but feel free to open a new topic in case this request doesn’t exist already, so some users’ thoughts and ideas could be brought in.

I’m just a regular user, I also added this as a hint in my profile - not affiliated in any way.
Only referring to public info which is shared via the different channels, like FB, YT, this forum, etc.

Thanks for being helpful. Perhaps the Cwicly team should hire you.


I appreciate your kind words @David, just contributing a little here and there.
Pleased to be a part of this journey.

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