Export full page to another Cwicly build

I would like to export a full page and import it into another Cwicly build.

Before Cloud Library, one could export a full page (I think). But now it seems you can only save one section into your Cloud Library. It’s a bit tedious if I have to save all of the sections instead of just the page.

Would someone know how to do this?

It’s being worked on.

I think you still have the option to export your full page via file.

Would you mind sharing where I can share full page via file?

You can drag and drop the file inside your canvas.
Make sure there is an existing block present to make it work.


Hey there,

Just to add that you can now save full pages to the Design Library.
Thanks @Marius for helping out on this one.


If using Gutenberg, I believe you can copy and paste the source code, if that works in your use-case. So you do not need the Cloud Library if that is good enough for you.

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