Error with localized variable fonts

I have downloaded Roboto Flex via the font-manager, despite it is working, there is an error (probably the reason I can’t use the slant settings), which might be caused by its name including a blank inbetween:

This if from w3c markup validation:

This is the corresponding part within the html (width cut, it is a longer part):

This is the error shown, when taking the html line 59 to 61 and put it into the html validation:

@Araminta any update on this local font issue?

Hi @FZwo,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, sorry for the lack of reactivity!

The reason the slant setting isn’t applying is because the value you have set (58) exceeds the accepted values for slant which should be between -10 and 0.
Be sure to experiment with Roboto Flex’ properties here, and see the appropriate values to set.

Once you have corrected the value, kindly let me know if the issue persists.

Thank you in advance.

That has been very helpful. Just have to figure out where I set that forbidden value, many thanks