Error link product

Good day.
Error with transition to the product pages.

Somewhere the link is normal and goes to the site, and somewhere it doesn’t and sends to the 404 page.

  1. Situation. Request for the category of interior doors. Some links show a normal link, some do not.

  2. Situation. Request for inheritance of parameters from the link where we are. All links are incorrect and after the transition, I end up on the 404 page.
    Входные двери - ДВЕРИТУТ

H @sminec,

Without knowing the specifics of your permalink strategy or how you have linked your blocks within the Query Template, it is not easy to help isolate the cause of the issue.

One thing of note is that you have “pretty” permalinks for the pages (e.g. “/page/category/”), and you have query based permalinks for the products (e.g. “/?product=XXX”).

Please share more information, and you will get faster help.

I didn’t build any logic. I have a permanent link with the name of the record

The problem is that on the page with requests for different products, for some reason, the link is formed differently. Although the url of the link in the goods is written everywhere in Latin

Tell me what I can provide you to help me solve the problem faster?

OK, this is becoming clearer now.

If you haven’t already done so, the first test I would recommend is to regenerate permalinks from the permalinks settings page.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then the following may help narrow it down:

  1. Whether you are using a permalink plugin (e.g. Permalink Manager Pro)
  2. Whether you are using a language/locale plugin (e.g. WPML)
  3. What appears in the permalink area of the Product edit page within WooCommerce and whether this is different from what you are seeing on the front end
  1. I use it, but I turned it off. cleaned the cache . updated the links. He doesn’t affect it
  2. I don’t use
  3. On the edit page

I noticed another mistake. if the request is in this state.

then the request shows all the products that are not even published, which are in the draft status. How else can I fix it?

Please close it. I redid it and everything seemed to work as it should. thank you!