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I have issues figuring out how to embed or attach images to my posts. I want the image to be shown in a lower size (not lower resolution), and the user, if they wish to, can click that image to open it in a new tab that shows the image at its full size. Currently, the image is embedded in the page/post, and when I mouse over the picture, it is impossible to click it.

To help understand what I’m asking here is a page with an example: Photos – Rays Astrophotography

So when I use the standard image block, I see an option here to edit the image and add an attachment link. This makes it possible to click on the picture, which then opens the image full size.

I do not see an option like this in the Cwicly image block editor.

Hi @rrbailey89,

a temporary solution (the only one I know of) could be to place your image into a div.
Then use the link option in the div to open a new link to your photo.


Hope it helps a little and I’m interested in what other solutions there are. :blush:

The method above would work better with dynamic content…

So if you would use the featured image of a post or page you could do this:


Or if you use those images fixed in post or pages as dynamic data.

I do not know how or where to try this method because the link option is grayed out when selecting an image. I try it on a column or section and the image never appears.

The image has no linking option and that is intended. Images can be linked, for example, if placed into a content division element (div).


Then you can give the div a link for the image.

This video or the Docs might help.

Here a step by step:

Animation (14)

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